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Tikshi travels is a price comparison website to get cheap flights, affordable hotel rates, and to plan your travel. We aim to provide you a powerful fare comparison engine to offer you budget airline tickets to suit your all kind of travelling, international and domestic. To get the hot deals and save on your trip, simply provide the information into our search and with just one click the engine will compare and show you the best deals. Within minutes, with just a few clicks, you can find a number of options for cheap flights on airlines you know and trust. Since airlines hate nothing more than an empty seat, you get your tickets at fire-sale prices.

In the age of the information super highway, isn’t it silly not to utilize all the digital tools at your disposal? You go to the stock exchange website for stock prices. You visit the IMDB site when you can’t remember the title of a movie. You don’t wait until five o’ clock for breaking news; you visit CNN or any other various news sites. So why would you spend half you day calling a myriad of airlines and hotels to find the best rates? You wouldn’t and you don’t! Tikshi provides you with a one-stop shopping option for you and your travel needs.Why hire a travel agent who will do the exact same thing Tikshi can? They will visit the website, put your requirements in the drop-down boxes, and find a flight and room that meets your needs. You can do this! You can even have your twelve-year-old do it while. When you use Tikshi that compares and offers the best and least expensive options, you’re the boss. Why would you book your trips any other way?



When you are travelling from A to B, why to do a search from airport to aiport and look in multiple sites for other connecting travel options? why can't try a single search that will search any city, town, landmark, address or attractions across the globe with different routes to easily get you from A to B, it's simple and all in one place, try Tikshi door-to-door travel planner

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